Clacton Air Show 2014

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The 23rd annual Clacton Air Show took place last Thursday with the likes of the Battle of Britain Memorial flight and the world famous Red Arrows drawing in record crowds to the two-day event.

mrl productions were proud to be asked to supply the sound for the Clacton Air Show for the second year running, covering a distance of over 1.2km.

KV2 Audio ES and EX speakers were used to cover the main Greensward and VIP area with KV2 Audio ESD 10 speakers used to cover the Pavilion end. An audio link was then sent from the Pavilion area onto Clacton Pier and plugged into their system.

TOA 100v Line Horns and a selection of EV speakers were positioned along the main promenade.

From the FOH position at the Greensward, a wireless audio signal was sent down to the Martello Tower and from the Martello Tower; another wireless link was sent using a Neutrix XIRIUM multichannel wireless network.

As well as supplying the sound for the Clacton Air Show 2014, mrl productions were the main sponsor of the popular Titan the Robot. More information about Titan the Robot can be found here.

Photography by Simon Rich -

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